Team Medical Dragon started from a group of friends that provided first aid staffing at assorted anime conventions. The result of this is that we exist as an informal group that offers a pool of individuals and resources that are willing to be available to assist at conventions in the mid-atlantic area that want an equipped first aid staff for their own conventions.

If you are a provider seeking to join us, let us know (along with what convention you would like to staff) and we will accept you as a provisional member, to be confirmed following operating with us.

Our staffers are medical professionals, including Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Nurses. We also have some support staffers that will happily staff a customer service desk for a first aid department, addressing minor booboos and tummy upsets. Our staffers come equipped with medical equipment, identifying gear, unsurpassed professionalism, and an inhuman resistance to sleep. In addition to these trained personnel and basic first aid, we offer:
  • Friendly customer service: Band-Aids with a smile, moleskin without a lecture.
  • Common over the counter medications in unit dose sale packets (Advil, Tylenol, Pepto-Bismol, etc.).
  • Emergency response and assessment of the incident, followed as necessary by treatment and/or contact with your local EMS for hospital transport.
  • Established and proven procedures for managing small and large incidents, interfacing with security, tech crews, etc.
Should you operate a convention and be interested in securing the services of our personnel and equipment, there are a few things that we will request of your convention (individual points are negotiable):
  • Convention information such as size and demographic makeup of attendees.
  • Contact with your convention security, as we typically operate closely with this department.
  • Full staff privileges for our medical and support staff (numbers negotiable and based on hours of coverage, area of coverage, and size of convention) with comp attendee badges for spouses, children, etc.
  • Issued radios (if your convention utilizes radios for staff).
  • Reimbursement for disposable supplies (quoted prior to convention) and defrayal of our operating expenses.
  • A First-Aid rider on your insurance policy. (We’ve never needed one, but will not work without one).

Contact us at: info at teammedicaldragon.org

Legal disclaimer:  We are not an organized medical or rescue group, only a central resource and referral point to trained and equipped personnel willing to volunteer on an individual basis.